On-Air Promos

Do listeners understand why they should spend more time with you? Developing – and freshening – on-air imaging is a big part of my work for client stations.
Click to hear examples — all-but-one-of-which I wrote and/or produced — to…
Describe and differentiate your station, and remind listeners why and when to listen, and how. And because ratings are “a memory test,” ear candy, used sparingly can remind listeners THAT they listen.
Sound timely, around Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah, and when the clocks change, and for Mom (and Dad) on their special days, and on Memorial Day weekend.
Got baseball? When you’re selling in March, EVERY team is in first place ;). Then, count-down to Opening Day. Once the season begins, I recommend using the on-hour ID to remind your whole cume when the next game is.
On many News/Talk stations, weekend specialty shows are valuable inventory, and “appointment listening.” Tip: Tout this diverse programming as part of a weekend lifestyle collection, and bundle same/similar-topic shows as a package. Those ROS sponsor mentions expose your clients to your whole audience.
And while you’re at it, sell YOURSELF a schedule, to remind prospects that the new customers they want are listening right now, and you can steer new business to them online. And tout your own digital reach, and how they can ride-along.

Can I help craft, and freshen, YOUR on-air messaging?

When — and ONLY when — your product is ready, THEN you can use off-air promotion to ask “Give us a try?” Even though we are a spoken word medium, words may not be necessary, as you’ll see in these videos.