Noise on Vacation

Hello from the beach, where the disconnect is conspicuous.
This time of year, people seem happier than Talk Radio.
While listeners savor long-awaited respite, we sound relentless.

As Conservative talkers cackle about an election in Georgia, today’s Phrase That Pays will be “The Democrat Party,” an apparently deliberate malapropism that epitomizes the format caricature. In Washington, the party that accused the other party of writing a healthcare plan behind closed doors is writing a healthcare plan behind closed doors. Steve Bannon just called Sean Spicer fat. Trump’s lawyer hired a lawyer. New day, new Tweets.

Today, the Spring ratings survey ends and Summer begins.
Based on Talk stations’ recent monthly PPM numbers, expect few surprises when The Book comes in. Measurably, the echo chamber has gotten deafening.

Any format can wander away from relevance. During WCBS-FM’s “Jack” debacle, I was at a Mets game; and as the Kiss-cam spotted smooching couples, the PA system played “I Got You Babe.” Imagine? If you wanted to hear that timeless fave in radio’s biggest market, you had to go to Shea Stadium.

Same-old-same-old is the opposite of what people are up to this time of year.
Those who can afford lobster roll and sun block are deliberately in Control-Alt-Delete mode. And those who can’t get away – or even staycation – aren’t in the mood for here’s-why-everything’s-going-to-straight-to-hell-again-TODAY. To quote Sgt. Hulka in “Stripes:” “Lighten-up Francis.”

If you can’t tell me something good, tell me something useful.
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Play it today, to welcome Summer. I dare ya.

Back when that song played (a LOT) on what are now Talk stations, you didn’t need a radio to hear radio on the beach. It was everywhere.

It was 120 degrees in Phoenix yesterday. If there’s hellish heat where you are, play some Christmas music. Or ask a veterinarian for “tips for helping your critter keep his cool on a hot Summer day.”