ICYMI: Talkers/LA2013

New local Talk Radio Jobs in 2014?
Maybe a bunch! And that’s more-than-a-hunch.

HC-podium3That was my presentation at Talkers/LA2013.
Couldn’t be there?

Here’s the video of my session.
Read: Why, Where, How-to-Prepare for this opportunity, in my August newsletter.
Scroll most-quotable quotes of a GREAT day in LA, in my real-time Tweets @HollandCooke.

MariluRadio’s newest talker Marilu Henner: “You don’t need ‘a face for radio,’ you need A BRAIN for radio.”

In “The State of Radio Advertising and Sales” session:
Bob Moore: “Network business as a whole sucks. “ONE area exploding is sports…no RushLimbaugh.””
Ron Hartenbaum: “Direct Response advertising is our lifeblood.”
Talk1300/Albany owner Paul Vandenburgh: “Business is as good as we make it. Knock on doors.”

These two alone were worth two days on airplanes!
LarryNormAlpha/L&L principal Larry Wilson (L) and Westwood One founder — now Courtside Entertainment Group head honcho — Norm Pattiz (R) each did 20 RIVETING minutes.
Sound bites…

Norm Pattiz offered a plainspoken industry overview, and an update on his visionary Podcast One venture:
In radio, “Things AREN’T ‘shitty’ today.”
“On-demand audio will have the same effect on the #radio business” that DVR has had on TV.
Podcasting: “P.O.D. = programming on-demand.”
Podcasters “can be anywhere, anytime;” don’t need big radio owners.
Consolidation has clobbered radio’s farm system.
Public ownership “takes a toll” on serving listeners well.
“We’re not doing music programming at Podcast One because the rights fees will kill you.”
“[On-demand] Audio has all the strengths of radio because IT IS ‘radio.’”
“The strength of local radio is that it IS local.” AM/FM is less-special if the programming “all comes from one place.”

Larry Wilson’s candor at the recent NAB/RAB Radio Show Leadership Breakfast had ’em buzzin’ in Orlando. And he preached-it-out for Talkers/LA attendees:
You can make more money live & local radio than with syndication.
If a radio show isn’t local, “it’s GOTTA be good.”
When your radio station has success with a public service campaign “advertisers find out.”
“Let’s not ‘get buried’” doing apps, etc. “Let’s make great [live and local] content.”
Radio success formula: “Be informative, compassionate, and passionate…and have fun!”
Talkradio is “the oldest Social Media.”

“Radio: The Big Picture” session:
Harvey Nagler/CBS News Radio: Success key for radio programming: “unique, compelling, addictive.”
Shotgun Tom Kelly, Kearth101: “When I get off the air I listen to Talk Radio.”
Kraig Kitchin: Present radio ratings system delivers “abberations.”
There are fewer PPM meters in use in the LA market than TalkersLA attendees.
TomLeykis: “HD Radio is a joke.”

ginaIt’s official!
First 2016 election wager!

Dr. Gina Loudon and I WILL wolf-down a couple Palm lobsters.
But WHO will grab-the-check?
Stay tuned…

Sean Hannity Show executive Eric Stanger: Sean is “incredibly psyched” about new stations in markets he’s leaving Cumulus. “There are no losers” in coming Hannity/Michael Savage head-to-head battle.
KFI’s Bill Carroll: “I’m being told ‘Push people to the Internet, push people to iHeart Radio, but I get paid for [on-air] ratings. Until [other-platform listening] is being measured, what’s in it for me?”

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