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When radio went off-the-rails?
Short answer: 1996, The Telecom Act which deregulated radio. Then Consolidation changed the landscape.

But not before one broadcaster tried to warn the President of the National Association of Broadcasters. You will get chills when you read the now-famous “Eddie Fritts Letter,” the stunning clarity with which Clear Channel’s plans — and their consequences — were foretold in 1995.

NOTHING makes the case for the attention-to-detail I recommend better than the way radio has changed since. Listeners and advertisers will reward broadcasters who communicate better than those who mail-it-in.

If Trump’s win teaches us one thing…

Behind every great host, there’s a deft call screener.
Download: Tips for Call Screeners [PDF]

Twitter Tips For Radio
I sell this special report online for $29.
Your FREE copy is here. [PDF]
And learn how successful radio and TV pros exploit Twitter and Facebook when you read:Social Media: Like Your Friends.”

The six most dreaded words in Sales: One big reason why: Insufficient exposure:

Because hearing is believing…
…spec spots are a powerful — but under-utilized tool.

Every time I visit a station, I meet with Sales, and leave ’em a thumb drive fulla “spots that have produced results elsewhere, for businesses just like yours,” magic words on a local direct retail Sales calls.

Help yourself to these, some of which I wrote, all-of-which produced results:
AdvantaClean and Key Lending Solutions demonstrate using unscripted client sound bites and minimal announce copy.
Here’s an auto body spot I wrote…OK, I ripped-off…using copy points from a radio air war in a market I hear often. NOTE: NOT-rushed delivery.
Here are two spots I wrote for a tech retailer, one pitching convenience/security systems, the other pitching Home Theater.
Law will always be opportune, because we’re all getting older [Elder Law spot] and people still drink and drive, and get into fender-benders, and get divorced.
THIS may be the best endorsement spot I’ve heard! It produced business from customers 100 MILES AWAY from the store!
Here’s a straight pitch I wrote for the guy who maintains my home water system.
OPPORTUNE category: ANYTHING pet-related. And corny is OK.
Here’s the spot that had been airing when the client said “It’s not working.” I asked the rep: “Can we make it a 60 instead of a 30?” And I asked her to send me the jingle, and to interview the client and his customers on her smartphone, and send me the raw audio. Here’s the spot that got the advertiser to renew.
When local retailers are defending against lower-cost big box competitors LOCAL RADIO can be their best friend. Here’s a spot I produced that differentiates based on service.

As if radio wasn’t already under attack in-car…

Read the latest Good News/Bad News about Alexa.
download_bubble the Edison Research presentation from the NAB/RAB Radio Show. [PDF]

About Promotion:
You can trade TV, but can’t afford expensive creative?

Direct Mail can be opportune, particularly if you “fly beneath-the-radar,” as these two examples illustrate. I wrote this one, and this is the intellectual property of the vendor. Both moved-the-needle.