Convention Two-fer: CES + NMX

OK, the Amazon drone story was a publicity stunt, but 62% of Internet traffic is now robots.

LasVegasSignYour consultant was among 150,000 tech-followers attending the 2014 International CES.

How dizzying is the-pace-of-change? Media attending are now asked NOT to refer to this massive, mind-boggling event as “the Consumer Electronics Show,” because whassup there has transcended hardware.

Yes-there-were gadgets aplenty in a 2 MILLION square foot Exhibit Hall, many ’em obsoleting whatever seemed so-cutting-edge last year.
But many of the ways technology is changing our everyday lives are…invisible, “The Internet of Things.”

Maybe your refrigerator isn’t (yet) auto-ordering milk…
…and none of us are riding driver-less cars. But, already, patients can enable doctors to monitor real-time vital signs.

Soon, your alarm clock could wake you earlier if the-route-you-commute has a traffic tangle. And your thermostat can auto-adjust, based on the changing weather forecast. Traditional radio information hooks are becoming lesser “franchises.” If you think I’m exaggerating, look at your iPhone.

Interactive Press Briefing: 2014 Trends-to-Watch

HCatCES Scroll-down to see my CES notes & photos.
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My Talkers coverage: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur.
Also below, hear reports I sent to client stations.

nmxAnd it was a ‘Vegas convention two-fer.
Again this year, I also covered NMX, the New Media Expo, formerly “Blogworld,” before-that “The Podcast & New Media Expo,” which, a decade ago, already drew twice-as-many attendees as radio conventions. Read: my notes.

normPodcastOne founder Norm Pattiz at NMX:
Radio should fear of staying-the-course.
He can’t understand why broadcasters aren’t doing more on-demand.
“Podcasting is the future of audio.”
iHeartRadio and satellite radio are “failed business models.” Read: more.

Not a misprint: PodcastOne’s 200-act stable is getting 100 million downloads a month.
Want-in, but don’t know how? Peruse NMX presenter Cliff Ravenscraft’s acclaimed, FREE

linqNo time for fun?
In Las Vegas???

When you read a meaty February newsletter, you’ll see that this trip was almost all-work!

Here, your consultant is pictured with college chum Larry Jamieson, the world’s foremost research expert on why-you-don’t-like-your-printer.

CES week, we were roommates again, as he took-a-break-from doing PowerPoint presentations about ink cartridges in China, to share hotel expense with yours truly.

DG-wrist“It’s all in the wrist,”
says radio’s top gadget guru Dave Graveline, as he kicked off the CES Unveiled event.

Dave’s show is among my “Solid Gold Weekend” picks.

shrimpAnd convention-goers thought New Orleans was “a ten-pound town?” Here, each year, yer workin’ press bellies-up to a-typically-sumptuous ‘Vegas chowline.
For those of us jet-lagged and timeshifting from Eastern Time, “More Starbucks, puh-LEEZ.”

hopperSay it with me…
“The HAW-puh”
At a Dish Network session, CES-ers were starstruck by those guys from The Hopper TV commercial.

katieYahoo!’s newest star Katie Couric, introduced by CEO Marissa Mayer:
“Anyone today with a cell phone and a #Twitter handle can become a reporter.” But “Linking has too-often replaced reporting.” Read: more.


Lots of noise about “The Connected Car” at CES.
But, as a practical matter, is it moot?

With all these new in-car choices — and no matter how many different dashboard apps play your station — why will drivers choose you?

HERE’s the car story that caught my eye at CES…

ElioWould you buy a car that costs $6800, gets 84MPH highway, and seats two?
You can’t…yet. There’s only one, this prototype, of the Elio. Buyers are already lining-up online. It’ll be made in Shreveport USA, in a plant GM closed.

lunchThis was a first. I’ve been attending CES since the 1990s, and, for-the-first-time-ever, I was first-in-line for the Press room box lunch stampede.

YouTube? You should!
Stats from a CES session:

  • 1 billion unique viewers per month
  • 100 hours of new content uploaded every minute
  • Nielsen: YouTube reaches more adults than any network
  • Almost 40% of global watch time is on phones.
The most-watched kinds of video on YouTube?
  • “Authentic,” not slick, professionally produced
  • “content about something very specific. Niche and searchable.”
  • Mainstream celebrities often DON’T work on YouTube.
  • That WestJet Christmas stunt was huge…some 35 million views. Watch: this remarkable video. If you don’t tear-up you’ve got a wooden heart. RADIO CAN DO THINGS LIKE THIS.
Tech news for “real people”

I always wince when I hear someone on radio say “remote” (meaning “live broadcast”), because, to listeners, a “remote” is a TV channel-changing device. Or “PSA” (a Prostate Cancer test). Yahoo! Tech, launched on-stage at CES, vows “no lingo!”

ecigYou’ve seen those E-cigs? They’re electronic cigarettes, dispensing nicotine vapors, used by “vapers,” not smokers, since they’re smokeless. Always on-the-cutting-edge, Into Tomorrow‘s Chris Graveline demonstrates the E-cigar.

Couldn’t be there? Hear here:
URhere Television, UTTERLY re-defined
Wearable Technology
The BEST camera?
NOT just gadgets
Now THAT’S innovation!

The Bottom Line for Radio?
As a long-ago boss of mine used to say, “Two things…:”
Listeners need to think their day will go better if radio is part of it, and on-air imaging has to explain this succinctly:
We can’t just program transmitters, if listeners are using other devices.
Devices-for-their-vices, as this analogy demonstrates. Here’s my room keycard from the Flamingo. When you can’t, physically, be in their casino (“analog”), you can still wager in their virtual casino (“digital”):

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