HCIt’s massive…it’s mind-boggling…it’s the 50th annual Consumer Electronics Show.
conference_notes_bubble Read: New-tech — like radio — “At Home, At Work, In Your Car
Hear: Why new inventions claim to be “The Uber of ___.”
Hear: On “The Internet of Things,” is Putin…peeking?”
caddyCars — not drivers — are now texting each other.
And soon, the traditional radio traffic report will be obsolete.
Hear Why.
spartanNow THAT’S “wearable technology!”
If you’ve never attended a big, glitzy Las Vegas trade show, it’s probably exactly what you’re picturing… shapely showgirls wearing low-cut dresses and 4″ heels beckon convention-goers into nerdy inventors’ booths.
Hear why has this company instead hired men…to drop trou.
amazonechoPopular Christmas gift is radio friend…and foe.
Read which, and why.

garyshapiroAt the first CES, in New York in 1967, “the industry showcased just three products: radios, TVs, and phonographs.”

Video: Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of Consumer Technology Association speaks about the evolving landscape of consumer technology and how humans play a part in that evolution.
touchofgrey“None of us are getting any younger…”
…and much of what we saw at CES was for Baby Boomers. Here’s my conversation with Talkers magazine publisher Michael Harrison on “A Touch of Grey.”