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“Local-Local-Local” Cures Advertising Pandemic

When businesses shut down, they stop advertising. How one broadcaster weathered the Coronavirus pandemic better than absentee-owned competitors because his Sales strategy is so grassroots, and focused on the service retailers deemed “Essential” during the shutdown.

“Mainstream Media,” Redefined

Are We The People now “the Mainstream Media?”

Will Trump take-over for Rush Limbaugh?

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As Rush battles advanced cancer and some polls show Joe Biden 10-points-ahead, will The Donald’s 2016 Plan A become his 2021 Plan B?

Coronavirus: “Community Transmission”

What you do — and don’t — right now will define your brand forever.

As shutdown mode has disrupted media consumption habits, competition for listeners’ (and advertisers’) attention has never been more challenging.
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Call-in Topic:Silver Linings?”
Interview Opportunity: “Wear PANTS!”Video: Big Brother IS watching…even closer now.
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