HC bio

BethNeuhoff“Just want you to know how super thankful we are at Neuhoff Media for your guidance and wisdom. Two Marconis and a small market station that could be on anywhere in the country. You are THE BEST at making great air talent even greater.”
Beth Neuhoff, Neuhoff Media

Dick Rakovan“Once upon a time I had the good fortune to promote Holland Cooke to a major league programming job. He took WTOP Washington to incredible heights…he set the sails that began the station’s rise to the leading biller in America!”

Former Senior VP, Radio Advertising Bureau

“Thanks for your amazing commitment to our success.”

Phil Zachary, VP/Market Manager, Portland Radio Group, my client when he ran Curtis Media Group and Entercom/Boston

“You have all our gratitude and respect for what you have allowed us to do here, and I personally have learned a lot…and I’m an old dog.”
Terry Owen, Market Manager and Chief Revenue Officer, FLX Local Media, Radio, Digital and Event Marketing in the Finger Lakes

TL“Thanks for being our ears.”
Tom Kraeutler, host, The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show, on 300+ stations

“Thank you for all you do. I’m getting the better end of the deal.”
Paul Gleiser, owner, KTBB AM/FM/Tyler TX

DaveRamsey“You are a good friend to Radio.”
Dave Ramsey


Maybe you’re thinking…
“Our market is too small to afford a consultant.”
“You only work with News/Talk/Sports stations?”
Or you’re under-pressure to produce digital revenue, and wonder how I can help.
Ask this client…

Others who’ll recommend me?

“He’s a sound, solid consultant. If he’s consulting you, he’s helping you.”
Paul Vandenburgh, Owner, Talk1300AM/Albany

I have benefited greatly from our association.”

Dan Gaffney, PD, Delaware 105.9

“You have helped us achieve a high level of professionalism in a very short period of time. Thank you.”
Leighton Broadcasting CEO Bob Leighton

“You are a smart radio guy and a wonderful teacher. Quote me!”

Former client Bob Bruno, retired long-time VP/GM, WOR, New York

“Thanks for all you do to improve radio in America! You’re a terrific guy!”

Stevie Jay, owner, WSJK/WJEK/WGKC/WQQB/Champaign-Urbana IL

“Thank you so much for speaking at the Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference and helping to make it a success!”

Jennifer Preslar, Executive Director of Programs, Michigan Association of Broadcasters

“You have done excellent work in an amazingly short period of time. We couldn’t be happier.”

Former Senator Tom Scott

“Thank you again. You were awesome.”
Sandy Hansen, GSM, KMA/Shenandoah, Iowa

“If you’re going to get a consultant, get one with a track record in new media. The station manager who depends on a radio consultant that caught the internet bug within the past five years is only playing into their hands. These consultants are still learning. You want someone who understands the internet. Try either Jim Taszarek or Holland Cooke. They have been studying the internet since the late 1990s. Everyone else fell in after they ignored the Net for too many years; now, they’re all playing catch up.”
Generous unsolicited praise, from industry-watcher Ken Dardis, Audiographics

“Holland is one of those guys who always has the ball rolling. He is an entrepreneur with so many incredible ideas and original projects. Being around him will breed a lot of creativity.”
Michelle Jerson, New York radio/TV host and travel blogger

“You add a lot of value in Marketing and Promotion and Sales ideas that may be even more beneficial than your programming input.”
Pete Booker, retired President, Delmarva Broadcasting

“The BEST News/Talk consultant in the business.”
Bill Wertz, now retired, and living la vida loca; longtime Executive VP, Fairfield Broadcasting, Michigan, my client for 7 years.

Who are they talking about?

In the fifty years Mr. Cooke has toiled in the radio/TV vineyard, he’s survived a variety of on-air and management positions, not the least of which was his 7 storied years as Operations Manager of WTOP/Washington, during which time the station scored its highest ratings to-that-point in the all-news format.

In 1991, HC and three other plucky entrepreneurs (REAL techy nerds) founded FliteCom Systems, Inc. which became USA TODAY Sky Radio, the live-via-satellite News, Sports, and Talk audio channels heard on Delta, Northwest, and United Airlines. Technology they developed evolved into Sirius Satellite Radio.

On January 1, 1995, Cooke began consulting full-time, and was named News/Talk Specialist by McVay Media, the largest radio programming consulting firm on Planet Earth. His tireless work includes programming and marketing strategies for Talk radio stations from Alaska to New Zealand, career counseling for radio talent and podcasters, and Internet development for entrepreneurs, companies, and radio personalities.

Up to that point, HC’s Washington-area amigos only knew him as a media industry suit. Any such respectability was dashed when — after not having been on-air for 13 years — he chose to re-enact youthful indiscretions, by spinning-the-hits at WBIG-FM/Washington.

That shocking display continued until Cooke relocated to New England, and purchased The Captain Willis House B&B, “just steps from the beach,” on Block Island, RI, Bermuda-of-the-North. For the next eight seasons, HC’s Bill Murray-as-innkeeper routine was the zany summertime complement to a busy off-season consulting travel schedule. In a 2004 transaction that rocked the already-inflated Block Island real estate market, “The Captain” sold the inn, and relocated to the quiet side of the island.

Though a radio guy at heart, HC did a cable news show for 4+ years.