Inflation Hacks: Save Those Benjamins

Google “inflation.”
The explanation reads like a newscast:
“The main contributing factors include the increase in the money supply, worker shortages and rising wages, supply chain disruption, as well as fossil fuel policies.”
But there are HUNDREDS of ways to SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS, and I’m collecting more.

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How Email Can Pump-Up Your Podcast

Research reveals:
1. 5 Ways to Increase Your Email Opens, and
2. Best Time of Day to Email.
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He said WHAT???

Talk Radio faux pas

It can happen, at any moment, in any format, although Talk Radio is especially prone to gaffes.
Read: 5 Tips for Handling “Bad News” — turning lemons into lemonade — when your station steps-in-it.

Weekend Warriors: Renegotiate.

Saturday/Sunday ask-the-expert shows exploit the most proven concept in marketing: free samples.
Common example: The lawyer is in, the meter is off. Q+A about callers’ situations is relatable to other listeners. And hearing the attorney’s approachable manner, prospective clients know him or her better than others whose look-alike billboards and boastful TV commercials all blur together.

Done well, these shows can grow all sorts of service businesses. Financial planners and veterinarians are Saturday/Sunday fare on many Talk stations. Home Improvement is huge, as is gardening/landscaping (seasonal in some regions).

But your station probably isn’t promoting your show properly.
See what you should insist on, and 6 minutes of technique tips that will improve your results.

I used to do a TV show…

…then this happened.
ICYMI: My Greatest Hits
Top Ten personal faves

Is Talk radio boring-listeners-away-to podcasts?

Parler aims to let users speak more-freely than other social media platforms; inviting content variety. I asked CEO George Farmer if Talk radio’s angry day-in-day-out political rant is contributing to the popularity of podcasts.

Talk Radio 101: LISTEN

Talk radio isn’t just different than music radio. It’s better. Talk radio is never on in the background. And streaming has music radio on its heels, because The Sentence Never Spoken is “Alexa, please play six commercials.”

Yet talkers should avoid taking false comfort that we’re less vulnerable to digital competitors, because people are using social media to talk to each other without us. So joining the conversation there is now table stakes. But defending the towers remains Job One.

COVID-Era Convention: Las Vegas Can-Do

Like most conventions a year ago, CES2021 settled for virtual. But this year, it was game-on. And it worked.

Your consultant was there, vax’d, boosted, tested, masked, and lugging a jug-handle-size bottle of hand sanitizer.
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Music Royalties: Inevitable?

Video: Battle lines are drawn over performance payments FMs fear. And for Talk stations, how’s Life-after-Limbaugh?

Game-Changing Podcasting TECHNIQUE

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