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I heard this contest when I was a teenager, on a great Top 40 station.
Admittedly, those were simpler times…so I asked my client:
“Is this now politically incorrect?”
“HELL no,” his Texas drawl replied.
Don’t worry about the name.
You could call it “Beat The Clock.”
Hear how much fun this was, for contestants and listeners and Sales.
Simple concept: The mysterious voice ticks-off a list of prizes.
When the contestant says “STOP!” he/she wins the last prize heard…unless…the bomb goes off.
(Or — if you re-name it — the clock chimes, whatever.)

The promo.
And play the game yourself…

WHEN would you say “when” to THIS list?
Or… THIS one?
Or… THIS one?
As you’ll hear from those sample Episodes:
1. Lots of advertiser mentions.
2. Lots of head games.
Contestants THINK they’ve memorized what-comes-next. 😉

And it SOUNDS LIKE we’re giving away lots more cash than we actually are. Lots more cash prizes OFFERED than won. We tried, but couldn’t give away the biggest jackpot.

And get this! The GM told me that retailers were cold-calling the station, asking if we could offer their products/services as prizes! Now THAT’S a warm lead.

One caution: Planning and producing is lots of work.
We produced 30+ episodes, to keep ’em guessing…and produce winners in key hours.
Read the actual contest manual, including scripts and forms.
As you’ll see, lots of planning, all of which I offer to do, including briefing Sales and all production.
Call 401-330-6868 to discuss.

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