“Sitting-in for Jim tonight…”

While dapper, black-tied Jim was being honored at the RTNDF First Amendment Awards dinner, we interviewed “The Fox Effect” co-author Ari Rabin-Hovt:Also that night…
Got a job? Want to keep it? “Invaluable” author Dave Crenshaw:

From previous sit-ins…
“If YOU were the commencement speaker, what would you tell this year’s graduating seniors?”
HC asked, when guest-hosting The Jim Bohannon Show:

That was hour #3, on May 21, 2010.
Hour #1 turned into hour #2, as callers weighed-in-on three developing stories: What’s happening here?
THE oldest, of many, consultant jokes: “Those who can’t DO, teach.”
And, as Woody Allen added in Annie Hall: “Those who can’t teach, teach gym.”
In my case, gym was spelled “Jim.”
I coach talk radio hosts, yet I myself never hosted…
…until July 27 and 28, 2009, when I guest-hosted Westwood One’s Jim Bohannon Show. My very first guest was FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell

…or, as we called him in my 1985 WTOP newsroom, “Rob the Intern.”

Yes, Washington bigshots THIS big really DO carry a badge.

The following night: “What Washington Doesn’t ‘Get’ About America, What America Doesn’t ‘Get’ About Washington; with a true Washington INSIDER, 45-year WTOP-er Dave McConnell, the only local radio/TV reporter in the USA who covers Congress full-time; a true Washington OUTSIDER, KDWN/Las Vegas host and familiar cable pundit Heidi Harris; and LOTS of callers.

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  1. Holland,
    Thanks for doing my show the way it should be done!

  2. Jim: You’re working MUCH too hard. Take more vacation time, willya? 🙂

  3. HOLLAND! I was SO excited to hear you sitting in for Jimbo! Great show!!! I loved the smooth interaction with the callers and your ability to keep it rocking…great job! I’m a huge Jimbo fan, and when I heard you sitting in for him, it was a double bonus. I enjoyed meeting you at Conclave, a broadcaster’s group. You’re an interesting guy and your show was flawless!
    GREAT JOB!!!

    Ralph Allen

  4. Well done!

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