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What happened? What next?
Top Talk Radio topics of 2019 + What to watch for in 2020…

Podcast like a pro…
…with these tips, from my Talkers magazine column.
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The Spoken Word Audio Report.

In the 21st Century digital media culture:

  • Was “mass appeal” just a moment that has now passed?
  • Has radio lost its hit-maker status for new music?
  • Will today’s music have the staying power of 60s music?
Video: Shoptalk with Michael Harrison and Jay Clark, on the 50th anniversary of Woodstock.

“Hollywood,” Co-Starring AM Radio

In 1969 Hollywood, 93KHJ was the soundtrack of life. To assemble the soundtrack of this film, Quentin Tarantino listened to 14 hours of vintage KHJ airchecks, which are featured prominently.
Read: CAN radio re-capture the mojo that made great stations the soundtrack of our lives?

Yes she is listening before you say her name.
Step-by-step instructions for scrubbing Alexa:

2 responses to “Instant download: January newsletter.

  1. I wanted to compliment you on frequently being the best thing in the Talkers daily newsletter. Your current post on getting in front of station gaffes is excellent; as you effectively note, the cover-up is usually worse than the crime!

    Your recent column on words and phrases that don’t work on the air is priceless.

    One word that I would add to your list is “luusy.” Why? Because it just sounds lousy! A program director told me this many years ago and it is still true. I wince whenever I hear it on the air.

    Another personal gripe is the word Judaism when it is mispronounced “Judy-ism.” As my rabbi said, the root word is Judah, of the Twelve Tribes, so Judah-ism is correct. He added, “I’m sure that Judy is very nice, but we don’t worship her!”

    Keep up the good work,
    Paul Payton
    (A former New England PD, MD and on-air personality who still believes in the power of radio)

  2. Thanks Paul!

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