2016 NAB Show + RAIN Summit West

BenSherwood“Broadcasting is still the only way into every home in the USA.”
Ben Sherwood, President, Disney/ABC Television Group, at the Opening Session.
Strictly speaking, the National Association of Broadcasters’ mission is to represent the interests of AM/FM/TV licensees before regulators.
UnleashBut transmitter distribution is just part of what was on the agenda in Las Vegas, at a convention with subtitles “Content is King: Storytelling Across Platforms” and “Expand Your Vision.”

Gordo“No other media industry is as dedicated to supporting our local communities. Not Google, not Apple, not Pandora, not cable or satellite.”
NAB CEO Gordon Smith:
“We don’t send a bill to our communities for all the services we provide.”
crystalCongratulations 2016 Crystal Award Winners.

SLS“How Local Broadcasters Engage and Win in the Digital Age” delivered…and delivered THE OPPOSITE OF what I expected.

Read how Katz Media Group EVP Strategy, Analytics & Research Stacey Lynn Schulman gave us a real whack-on-the-side-of-the-head

TomWheelerDish, from The Chief Commish:
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler talks smartphone sleeper chips and FM translators…and names his two favorite stations (you WILL be surprised).
Video of the session

RAINSummitWestConvention Two-Fer:
The day-before NAB was RAIN Summit West.
Read my notes.

BethNeuhoffMy client Beth Neuhoff was among CEOs in a session about the importance of corporate culture (AND which included 3 SMART ideas for Sales).

HHpalmBeyond the formal agenda, conventions afford an opportunity to…convene.
Here, we tag-up with KXNT/Vegas morning host Heidi Harris and CBS News VP/Radio Harvey Nagler

My NAB Show report on Heidi’s show:


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