2016 Consumer Electronics Show

MaryBarraGeneral Motors CEO Mary Barra — and Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and Louis Chevrolet — on the same stage where Elvis performed; just before the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV drove on-stage. That’s “EV” as in Electric vehicle.
Hear now this new car “will re-define personal transportation.”

robocarWould you dare test drive the DRIVERLESS car?

Hear how it makes driving SAFER.

ReedHastings“We invented ‘binge-watching!'”
Netflix is now available around the world, in 17 languages, adding 130 countries DURING CEO Reed Hastings’ keynote.
To the chagrin of TV networks, Netflix is what its boss calls “a simple and revolutionary shift from corporate to consumer control.”
His company now has “the coverage it took cable 20 years” to attain; 70 million users worldwide, who watched – whatever they chose, whenever they wanted, on whatever device – for 12 billion hours in the fourth quarter of 2015.
“Orange is the New Black will be back for a fourth season soon!” And if you thought that, and “House of Cards” were compelling, here’s a preview of “The Crown,” set in 1953, as Queen Elizabeth took the throne.

playerlogoThere were acres of smarthome tech at CES.
Hear my report for “Real Estate Today.”

AmazonEchoSeen TV commercials for Amazon Echo? Ask Alexa…anything. News, sports, weather, or other radio staples, quicker than on-the-8s. And music you’d like her to play…anything at all. She’ll read you an audiobook, or look-up information you need; so you’ll be spending lots of time with her.
Tip: Test how easy it is to ask her to play your station’s stream & podcasts.
And CES-goers got facetime with THE most-famous fem-bot…
SusanBennettAttendees at CNET’s session “The Next Big Thing: Is Typing Dead?” were star struck to meet Susan Bennett…the voice of Siri.

Beatles-vinylWhat’s old is what’s new.
There are new-tech TURNTABLES in the CES Exhibit Hall, and plenty of Fab Four vinyl in the Mirage Beatles Shop.
nipperThis little guy is still listening for “his master’s voice,” on various devices.
And another venerable brand adorns its new-tech innards in its legacy retro style.


My radio reports from CES:
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HOW big is CES?
What’s hot-and-not?
Test-drive the DRIVERLESS car.
Your doc will see you less, know you better.
Disruption” DEFINED.

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Here’s my CES wrap-up rap with Talk Radio’s top techie Dave Graveline.