Are We The People now “the Mainstream Media?”
Will Trump replace Limbaugh?
Read: Are the wheels already in motion?

As Rush battles advanced cancer and some polls show Joe Biden 10-points-ahead, will The Donald’s 2016 Plan A become his 2021 Plan B?

And the Oscar goes to…you!
WABCHear 9 Tips For YOUR Academy Awards Acceptance Speech,” on WABC’s Saturday Night Cafe with Laura Smith

Management 101: Is it “urgent?”
Or merely “important?”

Unless you sort accordingly, you’ll never accomplish your daily To-Do list.

President Eisenhower reckoned:
“The most urgent decisions are rarely the most important ones.”

You know you’ve made it when you’re a $1000 answer on Jeopardy!
Congratulations to my client The Money Pit Home Improvement Show.

Great formula for story-tellers…
…from one of the greats, Bob Dotson/NBC News.