Listeners’ Mindset, Advertisers’ Message.
Notwithstanding Donald Trump’s hope that “pandemic fatigue” will buoy his message that “we’ve turned the corner,” survey data presented at the NAB/New York virtual convention describes how Americans really feel, and how our advertisers can relate. Read my notes, and specific tips for improving results from endorsement spots.

Are We The People now “the Mainstream Media?”
Will Trump replace Limbaugh?
Read: Are the wheels already in motion?

As Rush battles advanced cancer and some polls show Joe Biden 10-points-ahead, will The Donald’s 2016 Plan A become his 2021 Plan B?

And the Oscar goes to…you!
WABCHear 9 Tips For YOUR Academy Awards Acceptance Speech,” on WABC’s Saturday Night Cafe with Laura Smith

Management 101: Is it “urgent?”
Or merely “important?”

Unless you sort accordingly, you’ll never accomplish your daily To-Do list.

President Eisenhower reckoned:
“The most urgent decisions are rarely the most important ones.”

Great formula for story-tellers…
…from one of the greats, Bob Dotson/NBC News.