Inflation Update: The wholesale price of a dozen eggs has more than quadrupled year over year; as the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that avian influenza has killed some 50 million chickens, about 5% of the U.S. flock.

So applause to WKXY/Cleveland MS owner Larry Fuss, whose station is giving away…EGGS! Text-to-win.

HOW cool was is idea? WCBS/New York reported it in morning drive. Tip: Rip-off this bit ASAP! #MakeRadioFUNagain

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What a week in fabulous Las Vegas.
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Talk Radio 101: Listen.
Talk radio isn’t just different than music radio. It’s better. Talk radio is never on in the background. And streaming has music radio on its heels, because The Sentence Never Spoken is “Alexa, please play six commercials.”

Yet talkers should avoid taking false comfort that we’re less vulnerable to digital competitors, because people are using social media to talk to each other without us. So joining the conversation there is now table stakes. But defending the towers remains Job One.

Are music royalties inevitable?
Video: Battle lines are drawn over performance payments FMs fear. And for Talk stations, how’s Life-after-Limbaugh?

To reach Mom, use smartphones, Alexa, Facebook, TikTok.
2022’s update on the annual Edison Research study defines “Mom” as having a child 18 or younger at home. Average age 41. And her media habits are changed since – and by – the pandemic.
Click here >>> to download the report and view the presentation video.
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Is Talk radio boring-listeners-away to podcasts?”
Parler aims to let users speak more-freely than other social media platforms; inviting content variety. I asked CEO George Farmer if Talk radio’s angry day-in-day-out political rant is contributing to the popularity of podcasts.

Are We The People now “the Mainstream Media?”
And the Oscar goes to…you!

WABCHear 9 Tips For YOUR Academy Awards Acceptance Speech,” on WABC’s Saturday Night Cafe with Laura Smith

Management 101: Is it “urgent?”
Or merely “important?”

Unless you sort accordingly, you’ll never accomplish your daily To-Do list.

President Eisenhower reckoned:
“The most urgent decisions are rarely the most important ones.”

Great formula for story-tellers…
…from one of the greats, Bob Dotson/NBC News.