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New Year, New Format

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Now, things are moving too fast to summarize monthly. And the print medium has limitations that I observed when I worked at USA Today: I can’t simply add a page. To print and fold, it needs to be four pages. So – as Talkers magazine did several years ago – I’m transitioning to FREE digital delivery, several ways in the New Year:

  • Talkers magazine will publish my Monday Memo each week beginning in January. If you don’t already, please subscribe, for free, at
  • This web site, which will also remain free, will be members-only, and that’s you. Now, you’ll be asked to log-in, no-charge, name-and-Email address only. And my Privacy Policy remains the same: I will share your information with NOBODY. As always, will be updated on an ongoing basis, with searchable, downloadable audio/video/text about the work we do. Unlike other consultants’ web sites, it’s not just a brochure about me. So why the login?
  • When the topic warrants, I will alert you when there’s something I’ve posted that I think you might want to know about before the next time you happen to visit. You can opt-out of these alerts at any time.