Rip-off this cool idea!

Inflation Update: The wholesale price of a dozen eggs has more than quadrupled year over year; as the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that avian influenza has killed some 50 million chickens, about 5% of the U.S. flock.

So applause to WKXY/Cleveland MS owner Larry Fuss, whose station is giving away…EGGS! Text-to-win.

HOW cool was is idea? WCBS/New York reported it in morning drive. Tip: Rip-off this bit ASAP! #MakeRadioFUNagain

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CES 2023!

What a week in fabulous Las Vegas.
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Inflation Hacks: Save Those Benjamins

Google “inflation.”
The explanation reads like a newscast:
“The main contributing factors include the increase in the money supply, worker shortages and rising wages, supply chain disruption, as well as fossil fuel policies.”
But there are HUNDREDS of ways to SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS, and I’m collecting more.

FREE radio feature.
Here ya go.

Weekend Warriors: Renegotiate.

Saturday/Sunday ask-the-expert shows exploit the most proven concept in marketing: free samples.
Common example: The lawyer is in, the meter is off. Q+A about callers’ situations is relatable to other listeners. And hearing the attorney’s approachable manner, prospective clients know him or her better than others whose look-alike billboards and boastful TV commercials all blur together.

Done well, these shows can grow all sorts of service businesses. Financial planners and veterinarians are Saturday/Sunday fare on many Talk stations. Home Improvement is huge, as is gardening/landscaping (seasonal in some regions).

But your station probably isn’t promoting your show properly.
See what you should insist on, and 6 minutes of technique tips that will improve your results.